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Audi Info

The Centre has three wings under its umbrella. Holographic show has been produced with the latest technology prevalent in the globe. This 45 minute show is knitted in a way that one can know the entire history of Sikhism from its inception to till date. All the major incidents/developments in the formation of a Sikh are included in the display. Auditorium has been designed in 360 Degree where audience enjoys the effects of Dolby sound. Dome of the Auditorium is used as screen which is the finest way to project immersive dome-based video display environment. The dome, is filled with real time (interactive), pre-rendered (linear) computer animations and graphics. This fulldome environments evolved from numerous influences, including immersive art and a well-knitted history of Sikhism, with technological roots in domed architecture. In the center of the auditorium holographic display is a matter of attraction that utilizes light diffraction to create a virtual three-dimensional image. When looking at the holographic display, the brain is instantly tricked by the illusion of having a physical object or real environment with the digital overlay.